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After using Sybelius, Finale, Music Edit and Guitar Pro 6, often to accomplish the same thing... that is paste chords above text, GoChords, puts them all to shame with its intuitive, user friendly layout! A real plus for song leaders like me!"

Lil Rev

Posted by Lil' Rev
(via email)

Are you awed by the genius of Mozart & Beethoven? Do you aspire to be as electrifying as Hendrix & Prince? Or do you just think that even you could do better than Waterhouse or Bedingfield? Whatever your motivation is, if you've ever wanted to make your own music but you've never known where or how to start, then you should definitely sign up for GoChords – a web based music creation program with loads of features that allows you to create, edit and share your own songs even if you can't read sheet music! ...I'm happy to report that they're right, it is free, it is easy to use and, best of all, it is really good fun!

I really love GoChords! I still have notebooks of my scrawled assymetrical charts which have a cool secret code look to them but are worthless for sharing with other musicians. I really appreciate being able to easily make and store a readable reference that I can retrieve and print and share at almost anytime. And the custom chord builder really sealed it! Thanks!

Posted by: Robert
(via Meetup)

I teach ukulele and guitar and this app is totally cool! The features are very useful and I use it all the time. It's a snap to pull a tune together and give it to a student next lesson. Thanks!

Posted by Jimi
(via email)

I find that this gochords program is the best thing since sliced bread!... I've been waiting for a program such as this so that I could write down my chord preferences! It has made a big difference in my playing the baritone ukulele! And, thanks to the "geniuses" who concocted this most amazing program! And, yes, I also print out as much as I want to and thats the final gorgeous icing on the cake!

Posted by: Salvatore
(via The Fretboard)

I'm a first time user and first of all thank you for a great site. Very thoughtful and easy to use. What a fabulous website. Thank you for sharing this. What a gift!

Posted by: Dougie
(via The Fretboard)

TERRIFIC PROGRAM! Good enough that I actually made a PayPal donation! That is something I don't often do, as most of these "free" programs are not too useful.

Posted by: Deek
(via The Fretboard)

I'm a new member and I found GoChords great! I created my first songs and everything works very well.

Posted by: Enrico
(via The Fretboard)

This is a fabulous service for community-based non-profit groups. Thanks sooooo much!

Posted by: sporter323
(via The Fretboard)

...what a pleasant surprise! As proof of a good UI, I didn't even have to look twice to some different locations for functions. Thanks!

Posted by: greenie44
(via The Fretboard)

Love the site, easy to generate chords which are not on chord charts. Great Tool.

Posted by: Big Bad Bruce
(via The Fretboard)

Go Chords is just what I have been looking for because its easy to create a chord.

Posted by: Wayne
(via The Fretboard)

This site is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am learning alot of new songs.Thanks to everyone!

Posted by: Susan Scott
(via The Fretboard)

Whoever is responsible for Custom Chord Builder, thank you! Just what I've been looking for.

Posted by: Richard
(via The Fretboard)

this site is great, its allowed me to print out the sheet music for my whole band without all the trouble of drawing it out.

Posted by: Jake
(via The Fretboard)

LOVE IT LOVE IT, I am a gadget girl and showed my guitar teacher who plays in a rock band. You should have seen his eyes lite up!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS THING!!

Posted by: Suzanne
(via The Fretboard)

Hello, this is my first visit here, and I already think this is awesome! Hope I can learn a lot from you guys, See you around!

Posted by: ming
(via The Fretboard)

A newcomer here and very impressed! Thanks for a most useful site.

Posted by: geoffnsue
(via The Fretboard)

i love this tool it is well designed.. thank you

Posted by: carolinguini
(via The Fretboard)

What a great site! Some wonderful ideas here that make writing chord charts a much less tedious job.

Posted by: simpletunes
(via The Fretboard)

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