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Thanks to Eventide, manufacturer and innovators of terrific  audio processing equipment and stompboxes and to my dear friend Richard Factor,  a genius, a chocoholic and great guy. Read what Richie had to say about GoChords in his blog.

Flea Market Music

Flea Market Music

There is no greater resource then Jim Beloff's Flea Market Music. He and his wife Liz, who is a great artist and designer, have created a wonderful website that is an emporium offering knowledge, fun and it is a great source for all things ukulele. They are also wonderful musicians and singers, to quote a line from "Help!", "I can say no more."

Ukulele Bartt - Under The Big Fat Moon

Ukulele Bartt

Ukulele Bartt is a great musician with a great voice and spirit. Please check out his music and videos on his website ( and his videos on YouTube.

US Copyright Office

United States Copyright Office

Please be sure to copyright all your music before you share it! Here is the link to the copyright office. It is a great site with very easy instructions to follow.

Other Links We Like:

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