Guitarist Keith Mack steps out front in “The Moment”

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Our long-time friend, guitarist Keith Mack has played with some great singers during his career, including Patty Smyth, Paul Young, and the late-great Joe Cocker. In his new album “The Moment”, Keith takes to the mic himself, with nine all-new original songs.

Early Moments

Keith Mack grew up in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and moved to New York City in the early 1980’s. He was one of the original members of the band “Patty Smyth and Scandal.” Scandal produced a number of top-40 hits including “The Warrior” and “Good-bye To You,” leading to Gold and Platinum albums.

Scandal Live

The band toured throughout the U.S., Canada, and Japan. They also made a number of videos for MTV, and appeared on many television shows including “American Bandstand,” “Solid Gold” and Dick Clark's New Year’s Eve Show.

After Scandal, Keith went on to tour and record with Joe Cocker, Paul Young, among many others. These tours included appearances on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, as well as other television appearances. One of the highlights of the tour with Joe Cocker was playing a concert in Berlin the day "The Wall" came down in November of 1989.

Photo © Rick Gilbert Photography Keith performing with Cyndi Lauper at the Beacon Theater, NYC
Keith Plays Fingerstyle Guitar

Scandal reunited in 2003 and have been touring ever since. Around that time Keith began his interest in fingerstyle guitar. He went on to release two solo acoustic fingerstyle guitar CDs.

In 2013 Keith began touring with Cyndi Lauper. They have since played over 100 concerts around the world and have performed on numerous television shows.

And then came “The Moment”...

Keith has just released his first solo CD featuring his vocals. "The Moment" is a full production of all original songs co-written with John Thompson. Joining Keith on "The Moment" are John Thompson, Eran Asias, Johnny Neel, Patty Smyth, and Ed Shockley.

“When I talked to Patty Smyth about singing on the record, I was almost finished recording it,” Keith told us. “She heard Grace and thought that might be a good one for her to sing on, but I had already sung the whole song, including background vocals. I had hoped she could do more than just sing background on a song, so I got together with John and we rewrote the lyrics to the bridge to make sense for her to sing it by herself, and then she sang with me to the end as sort of a duet.”

John Thompson

John Thompson

Johnny Neel

Johnny Neel

Patty Smyth

Patty Smyth

Ed Shockley

Ed Shockley

Eran Asias

Eran Asias

Keith reflects on the song-writing process:

I made this record because of the writing connection I have with John Thompson. I co-wrote all of the songs on “The Moment” with him. Since we met we’ve written some 25 or 30 songs... and we continue to write. We even Skype-write from hotel rooms when I’m on the road. Gotta love technology. After our writing session I'll record the song with voice and guitar on my phone and send it to John. When we get together to write, we’ll show each other ideas we have — John might have a title or piece of a lyric, and I might have a melody or piece of music that I think might fit with it or vice versa. It happens a lot of different ways. We just try to keep open. Then at some point things connect, and it feels like a song that needs to be finished and we just follow it — it seems to take on a life of it’s own.

It’s kind of hard to describe the writing process... it seems a bit magical sometimes, and you don’t really know how it happens. You look back and try not to think about it too much for fear it won’t happen that way again.

One thing that has influenced my writing of melody and music is playing fingerstyle guitar. When you arrange or write for fingerstyle, you become very aware of how the melody relates to the bass lines and the music because you’re playing everything.

Kind Word

I don’t have a line for this

I’m not trying to pick you up

But I’m working on a lonely

Bigger than a Mack truck


I don’t even know your name

Or the place that you call home

Come tomorrow morning

I just don’t want to be alone


I’m not looking to fall in love

Don’t really believe in happy ever after

Maybe Tonight it might be enough

If I just heard... a kind word


I haven’t always been like this

It’s funny how the shadows get to you

They know how to play a heart

Oh such a slow seductive tune


Who knows what the night might bring

Or where this conversation’s gonna go

Come tomorrow morning

I just don’t want to be alone


Please don’t say you’re getting over someone

Isn’t everybody?


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The Secret of Fire

The secret of fire, been trying to find

Since the beginning of time

The sword and the pen, the lute and the lyre

We're still chasing


Crouching in a cave

Two sticks in his hand

A cold and lonely man

Then he felt the burn

Life took a turn

This is how it began


It was mystical irresistable

Dancing there in the dark

Gazing at the flame it took his breath away

It had him by the heart


The secret of fire, been trying to find

Since the beginning of time

The sword and the pen, the lute and the lyre

We're still chasing the secret of fire


Sittin' at the bar

Could be any town

Any night when the sun goes down


People gathering

It's a primal thing

Just looking around


Hidden desires finding their way

Down through the ages

Never grow tired, day after day

We keep burning and turning the pages


The Moment - Keith Mack (Album Cover)

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