About GoChords®

What do Paul McCartney, Billy Joel and I have in common?

We ALL wrote songs without reading music. (Okay, so you've heard of them and not me, but not for lack of trying.)

For years I wanted to find an easy to use tool for writing, something that would offer me chord tabs that could be moved into position, over lyrics. A program that could change the key of the song as well as the chord tabs for different instruments and have the ability to print out lead sheets. Everything I found was expensive and complicated, so I wrote my own: GoChords.

Not only did GoChords solve those problems, it grew into a web site for musicians like me (and like Paul and Billy). At GoChords we encourage you to create, not imitate. To play, not pretend. Let your creativity and imagination carry you!

Of course, I want to encourage anyone who wants to learn to read music to do so. But:

You don’t have to read to write!®

We will be adding to the site constantly. Please let us know what you think.

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This site is dedicated to George Harrison and John Lennon.

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