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The song editor is a tool for creating lead sheets for your music.
Explore these demos to see just how easy it is to use.
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Song Editing Demo

Changing Instruments In The Editor

Strike a chord — and lyrics, too.
With or without chord diagrams.

Chord diagrams or text

This demo version allows you to change and rearrange the existing song. Change instrument, change keys, change text size and font.

You can even learn a new instrument with this handy tool!

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Try Making Your
Own Song!

Try creating your own song!

Here is a blank song template with easy-to-use instructions. Find out how quick and easy it is to build a song from scratch.

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A Sample of a Printable Song

The Printer-Friendly Version of a Song

Same song as above, shown in a printable format.

Tip: set your printer's options to reduce-to-fit to get the entire song on one page.

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